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Retail Lifesavers

We help Commercial Landlords by partnering with their Retailers to create Certainty through Cashflow, Loyalty, and Education.


Summary of Retail Lifesavers

Who are the Senior Executive team of Retail Lifesavers, and what do they bring in terms of Service and Value?


Michelle (Co-Founder and CEO) and Marcel (Co-Founder and CBDO) met in 2015 while doing a 3-year personal and professional self-development course in Melbourne Australia, and after discovering there were many synergies they shared between each other, decided to formally cement the friendship and partnership through marriage, and cofounding Retail Lifesavers.

Pretty quickly, Michelle and Marcel discovered their combined skills brought a suite of knowledge and experience to deliver ONE key fundamental – Certainty!  They manufacture Certainty through cashflow, profits and time being freed up to allow the Owner or Manager to work on the business, rather than in the business, by driving traffic either to physical retail real estate or to digital real estate, and to ensure the profitability, growth, relevance, and longevity of the Retailer within their marketplace. 

Michelle comes from a long-lived retail background as Head of Retail for many International Luxury Fashion Brands, where she oversaw the driving of traffic to traditional brick & mortar Retail Stores and Shopping Centres to grow Cashflow and Profits, further build brand awareness, and deliver a Seamless Customer Experience. Fast forward to the advent of online shopping, and Michelle has added great value to each Brand she has worked for and partnered with to build their ecommerce arm to further add Cashflow, Profit, and ultimately the ability of owners and managers to take back their Time spent working in the business and allow them to be working ON the business.

Marcels background is in senior management and property development, with Honors Degrees in both Architecture and Construction Management.  Marcels passion is Vision, Strategy, and Implementation, as well as working closely with C-Suite Executives through to everyday people, with a focus on small through large organisations to ensure project and investment decisions have Positive Outcomes for their immediate and wider Communities. Having serviced public and private policy, regional and urban development, and infrastructure sectors; and supporting the work balances world of the decision maker, project, and the community, Marcel brings over 30 years of professional experience in strategic planning, end to end projects, stakeholder engagement and management, risk management, community development, corporate sustainability, and consistent Cashflow and Profit Growth.

Delivering 35% – 90% CASHFLOW UPLIFT in 30 Days

Today, Retail Lifesavers as Retail Shopper Retainment Experts, partners with Landlords, Shopping Centres (28+), and Retail Businesses (1,868+), to write strategies and implement education specifically targeted at the viability and longevity of the Retailer, and therefore the Landlord, and what they deliver to their local and wider communities through the delivery of driving traffic both online and/or offline by ensuring that the Retailers are consistently reaching and servicing their Specific Ideal Target Shopper, and delivering exactly what these Ideal Shoppers want, need and desire while remaining profitable and therefore viable.  

This highlights the importance the impact COVID19 trading restrictions has had on Landlords, Retailers, shoppers, and the wider community, and the requirement of retailers being agile across all sectors and having the right strategies in place to maximise revenue using local and wider communities as a fundamental underpinning of business strategies where there is a win-win-win-win for all participants.  

Core Capabilities 

Retail Lifesavers solve the Largest Pain Points (most expensive) for each stakeholder, such as that of the Landlord eg: a shopping centre owner such as Scentre Group, Vicinity Centres, Local Government Authority, or the like – This is where Marcel’s superpower shines.  Through to that of the Retailer intimately knowing their niche and ideal target Shopper (Consistent Cashflow and Profit Growth and Shopper Retainment – this is where Michelle’s incredible Secret Industry Insider Retail Education comes in), and all supported by the Shopper (now highly educated via social media, product and/or organisation reviews, blogs and the like). Again, this is where Retail Lifesavers provide Education of the Shopper to the Retailer and Business, and ultimately, create financial risk mitigation strategies to avoid decreased cashflow such as due to the impacts of COVID19 upon the world.

Michelle has had a long association and passion of and for Retail and understanding why Brand’s gain or lose Iconic Status.  Trained by the best in the World over many years, and with a keen intelligence and deep understanding of the sector, this vision has always been centred on the Shopper, and in a unique point of history where the Shopper guides the outcome, Michelle and the team are committed to helping businesses not just survive, but to thrive by teaching little known industry secrets learnt from the Iconic International Brands themselves, and applying these little known secrets to Retailers, Businesses, and Organisations across the World.

Michelle’s team transforms businesses by re-engineering their thinking and mindset and turning practices upside down to essentially put the Shopper at the helm, with the result that the Businesses Cashflow and Profits increase Exponentially, and TIME is regained for the owners and managers to work on the business, not in the business therefore creating CHOICE.  Choice to Work, and Choice to PLAY – LIFESTYLE Choices and Business Certainty!

As CEO, Michelle and her team work with Shopping Centre’s, Landlords, Retailers, and Businesses, who are ready for change and up for a “massive growth in Cashflow and Profits.” Having worked successfully with many Iconic International and Australian brands to radically improve performance in challenging markets, Retail Lifesavers have developed a series of Game-Changing Educational Programs to help Retailers and Businesses Thrive.

By implementing PROVEN Secret Industry Insider Systems and Processes Michelle designed and mastered over decades, Michelle successfully streamlined and rebuilt companies built on quicksand, therefore increasing sales, Cashflow and Profit, improving overall Organisational Performance and Relevance, while delivering Exceptional Shopper Experiences, and therefore Shopper Retainment through Repeat Shopper Purchases.

With outstanding expertise, Michelle, Marcel and the team, transitions Retailers and Businesses with sharp strategies comprising strong Educational Programs, e-commerce presence, including Digital Real Estate, and brick-and-mortar investments. Retail Lifesavers understands business, and what it takes to have a relevant and profitable business.

Major Services Offered


⦁ We transform businesses with our proprietary Cash Finder Tool.

⦁ Optimized retailer educational training using:

⦁ The 5 Key Pillars of Retailing Method.

⦁ The 13 Key Fundamental Ingredients Assessment.

⦁ Landlord education.

⦁ Regular check-ins with retailers via our outreach program.

⦁ Live and online workshops.

⦁ We link Retailers, via Points 4 Purpose Loyalty Rewards Programs which increases the retailers Brand awareness and community reach, therefore increasing Cashflow and Profits for the Retailer through Shopper loyalty and ongoing support, and ultimately, Landlords.

⦁ Retail Lifesavers Cash Finder Program & our Saturday System:

        ⦁ The Promise of our Saturday System (Ecommerce Solution)

              ⦁ “We will replace your offline Saturday Sales in 30 days”.

        ⦁ The Promise of our Retail Cash Finder Program:

              ⦁ “We will find you an extra $25K in new sales in 30 days”.

        ⦁ These Programs teaches the retailer “how to fish”, and then rinse and repeat using the 5 Fundamental Key Pillars of Retailing Methods.


Outcomes for the Landlord:

⦁ No rent abatements.

⦁ No rent cash backs.

⦁ Retailers flourish in business – reducing risk of untenanted premises and/or litigation.

⦁ Increased cashflow and net profits.

⦁ Reduced workload for Centre Management.

⦁ No retailer headaches.

⦁ Community awareness and support of the Landlords Corporate Social Responsibility program.

⦁ Immediate ROI on white labelled loyalty program (if implemented).

Outcomes for the Retailer:

⦁ No rent abatements required.

⦁ Reduced to NIL lease negotiations with Landlord.

⦁ COVID “proofing” their business.

⦁ Increasing Brand awareness by Shoppers.

⦁ Increased Cashflow, Net Profits and Clarity:

      ⦁ eg: 88.33% Cashflow increase in 30 Days (Masizzim, The Glen)

      ⦁ eg: 35% Cashflow increase in 30 days (KT Jewellery, The Glen)

      ⦁ eg: 81.44% Cashflow increase in 60 days (The Executive BnB)

      ⦁ eg: Brand Clarity and Strategic Marketing (Holism Retreat, Chadstone)

      ⦁ eg: Brand Clarity and Strategic Marketing (Camberwell Fresh Food Market)

If you have any queries, please contact either Michelle or Marcel directly.

Kind Regards,

Michelle and Marcel Caldow

Retail Lifesavers

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