Earn $25K in 30 days

Here’s the down low.


I’m putting together some good folks for a Pilot Case Study and showing them exactly how to take their existing and excess stock and generate $25,000 in NEW sales within 30 days. 


It’s called The Stock Inventory Blueprint because we create a simple outcome – ready CASH.


I’m going to guide you to create an awesome sales offer, and create $25,000 in new sales, all within 30 days.

Then I’m going to give you the tools to turn this into consistent 5 figure weeks with stuff you’ve already got and WITHOUT needing expensive paid ads, fancy marketing gimmicks, or other time wasting or ineffective cost wasting exercises.


This system WORKS, from large International Luxury Brands, through to single independent retailers, because it is all about the SYSTEM and PROCESS, and NOT the size of the brand. Get the System and Process right, and your profit increases to the point you have CHOICES.


These results are NOT typical but clients below who’ve gone through this have produced exceptional results:


Completely revamped their national Australian presence to go from struggling to make ends meet as a high-profile luxury brand, to mega sales (strategy or offer) across all facets of the brand with a turnaround of 126% in sales in 12 months.

The Perfume Connection

An independent retailer broke its gross margin records in 9 months in NSW alone and rolled the strategy out across their Australian store network and never looked back. They continued to use the systems and process as a rinse and repeat strategy.


An iconic Australian brand who had lost their way, were experiencing a massive slump in sales, were losing customers, and were looking at possible liquidation. By implementing my Stock Inventory Blueprint, Gloweave were able to turn their business around in 12 months with an 8% upturn in profits.

CK (Calvin Klein)

This iconic brand transformed by localising their Australian presence to go from struggling with the wrong stock for their target customer, to mega sell-through performance across the entire store network with 80% sell-through with minimal markdowns and mixed brand messages in the marketplace by knowing what their target customer wanted.

South Gippsland Jewellers

A standalone family retailer who after 45 years were going through a management transition process, had lost their way, and were trying to be all things to everyone, with disastrous results. By implementing my Stock Inventory Blueprint, they immediately reined in lost sales, and put a simple system in place to ensure they provided stock that fitted their target customer, resulting in an increase in sales across the board of 18%.

They got this by bringing together ideas and IP they already had and created ONE sales offer that GETS RESULTS!

This is perfect if you’re already selling goods and items, 1:1 in-person in-store and/or online.


This is about one thing, CASH. It is something you achieve through your existing customer database that doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel, and has them purchasing your existing, excess and unwanted stock, with freedom and ease, and without you spending hours and hours of extra time doing so.


Plus sell it without paid ads or fancy marketing. You and I will go over everything you need to run this for yourself…


You’ll also walk away knowing:

How to turn your existing products, excess and unwanted stock into...CASH. Because good businesses don’t need to buy more ‘stuff’, it is much easier (and cheaper) to use what you’ve already got than you might imagine.

How to turn your existing customer network into super-hungry brand ambassadors (I’ve mastered the sales techniques, earned millions for my clients, and have helped many others crush it with tiny little networks - NOBODY teaches this.)

How to buy stock for your ideal customer, target your loyal customers, and entice the 1st time buyer into your store, and make a PURCHASE. It’s about knowing their wants and needs, and all from knowing their buying psyche.

You’ll know how to present your stock in a way that it flies off the shelves and racks almost by magic. (Not kidding, but I’ve had clients having to reorder stock over and over that was not selling before my methods were being used just to keep up with customer DEMAND for this very same previously slow moving stock).

Frameworks, examples and templates galore and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

We kick off May 2021.

I recommend allotting at least 2 hours a week to complete the work to achieve the cash result – this is only 17 minutes per day…


I also put you inside a Zoom call where we all meet every Tuesday at 8am AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time – Melbourne) and get support as well as the help of others in the Stock Inventory Blueprint. This is an optional bonus for you to ensure you get the support and results you want.


Give you access to a step-by-step system. We’re there daily inside the Private FB group.

I only want to work with 12 people who can implement, test and report back on the results as I’m putting together a series of Case Studies based on your results.


I’m taking people today and I’m inviting YOU to join the crew.


This isn’t a ‘course’ where you’ve got to find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos.

I’ll give you bite sized chunks you can knock out in a few minutes a day.


During our time together we hang together in a private group to talk about it and brainstorm specific strategies for YOUR business so you can put it into action and report on your results. I really want to create some great case studies from this, so the team and I will be spending time with you to make sure we maximise your results.


I even give you bonuses for implementing the Blueprint.

We’re going to be working closely together but it isn’t going to be drawn out, 4-5 hours over the whole month is plenty, not including the bonuses which does add an extra 17 minutes per day.


Groups thrive on contribution. When you are getting wins, we need you to share the success so others can learn from you. At the risk of writing War and Peace, I’m going to answer some other questions I’m sure you have below.


Do I need to be a great marketer?

You don’t. In fact, if you already know how to market, it can hurt you more than it helps. My methods are so devilishly simple that they can stop you in your tracks. If you can work a keyboard and/or a smartphone, like an iPhone or similar, you will fit right in.


What do I need to bring?

An open mind and approach to achieve your desired results.

You need to have merchandise you’re already selling. We find great results for retailers who have slow moving, excess and unwanted stock. I’ll work with you to deliver $25,000 in NEW sales in 30 days.


Will the Stock Inventory Blueprint WORK in my category sector?

I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of Brands and retailers across Australia and New Zealand, from iconic International Brands through to small independent retailers, and in all cases, I have turned their sales results around by following my Stock Inventory Blueprint. As long as there are PEOPLE with money to spend on goods and items, the Stock Inventory Blueprint will work because we simply tap into human psychology which really never changes.


Are there any bonuses?

You bet. I’m going to give you a Private 1:1 coaching call a few weeks in when you’re getting solid traction. The going rate for an hour is $5000 because I have a knack for spotting $10k, $20k and up opportunities hiding in plain sight and gift wrapping them for folks just like you. We’ll do that together on a Zoom call.


Ever wondered how the successful brands in the industry seem to go from strength to strength, and ALWAYS seem to have loads of screaming fans? I give you the same training that I have given them that gives you the methods to work out just WHO your target customer is, and then monetise this, and GROW your customer database.


There’s also a massive bonus when you tap in your first $5000, but I’ll leave that as a nice surprise for you.


What’s the Investment?

If you’re already selling to customers, it will cost you a FORTUNE to miss this opportunity. With that said…

Your investment for The Stock Inventory Blueprint uses my Pay as You Profit Model that makes it ridiculously easy to get started.


Now, we know things have been tight in business lately, so we have made it affordable with a weekly payment plan which is only $250 USD now then 14 payments of $250 USD weekly.


Alternatively, ask us about our other payment options.…most of my students make their payments back in one week of sales, give or take, if they’ve got the goods, and follow the process. Don’t forget, this sales training is fully tax deductible!


Is there a guarantee?

There is.


I believe in earning my keep and keeping my promises to people. I will work with you until you've made at LEAST $25k in new sales, no matter how long it takes AS LONG AS you are actually making sales offers to your target market, using the framework we provide you.


In other words, you can’t not take any action and come back 7 years from now and ask me to work with you. But, come in, send the database of: emails/messages/posts, and if we don’t hit your $25k and can demonstrate this, I’m happy to help you dial in your sales offers or troubleshoot – whatever it takes until you do hit $25k.


Then, you’ll have the SKILL and ABILITY to create cash flow at will from just about any customer regardless of what the economy is doing, etc.


You’ve got to fire some shots, but I will give you the skills and technique to hit your targets.



You don’t need to send me any money now.


If you’ve read the questions above and meet the requirements just reply back…
“I’M IN!”


Then I’ll get you set up, and on your way to success.

First come…first served.

We'd love to hear your ideas.

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