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At Retail Lifesavers Michelle has worked with retailers and Landlords and therefore I we understand the balance of what is required of all stakeholders and the importance of delivering a measurable result.

“I first engaged Michelle from Retail Rebel for quarterly retailer education sessions at my shopping centre. The topics varied, as did the experience of the retailers in the room from new Mum and Dad retailers to experienced national brands. Michelle delivered engaging content that every retailer enjoyed and took something away to improve, refine or explore more deeply with their teams. Our retailers valued the training which was evident through repeat attendance and fantastic feedback to the Centre Management team.


Following the retailer education sessions I engaged Michelle to work one on one with retailers to improve core retail fundamentals. I was extremely impressed with how Michelle was able to remove the noise so the problem was clearly visible, and come up with an achievable improvement plan that everyone could get behind and work with. Michelle empowers retailers to be the best they can be through her experience, guidance, support and a friendly kick up the back side when the work needs to be done. It was very rewarding watching retailers work with Michelle, I could literally see the weight being lifted off their shoulders – they knew the issues but didn’t know where to or how to start making improvements – Michelle made a complex overwhelming process simple and achievable.”


– Zoe Picone Retail Manager – Vicinity

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