About Michelle Curtis

Michelle Curtis’ vision has always been centered on the customer experience which is centric to Brand Growth, Cashflow and Profits; and with recent worldwide events for the first time in history the customer is at the helm steering towards their desired outcome. Only those brands that deliver a memorable and seamless customer experience will stay relevant and in business, and not just stay in business, but grow too during these times.

Retailers unfortunately have missed this point for too long as they fail to put consistent emphasis on the customer and their shopping experience.

Michelle transforms businesses by re-engineering their thinking; she turns what you have always done upside down and puts the customer at the helm, with the result that the retailer experiences year on year Cashflow and Profit growth.

Having worked successfully with International and Australian brands to radically improve their performance in challenging markets, including Shopping Centres and street strip shopping, as well as localising International brands for the Australian market to ensure success.


If you want certainty in retail, you need to COVID proof your business through retail education, ensure you have strong loyal customers following your brand on your digital real estate, with a clear brand message and product offer – both online and where appropriate in brick and mortar.


The future is digital e-tailing!


After successfully streamlining and rebuilding a solid foundation under so many high profile brands by implementing a proven process, which Michelle designed and mastered over the years and has consistently delivered increased sales, profit and brand awareness and an exceptional customer experience leading to continued repeat business and therefore Brand growth.


Now, Michelle is an interrupter and key influencer within the retail industry, partnering with retailers, landlords, and shopping centres, and those who need to stay relevant.


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