About Marcel Caldow

Marcel’s background has been in delivering complex Stakeholder Management outcomes in both Private and Public Organisations, including a number of companies owned by Marcel.


Projects managed or contributed to by Marcel ranged from contracts and tenders, through to full delivery of turn key solutions. Ultimately, it comes down to 3 things being adhered to: 1 Scope, 2 Budget, 3 Timeline, for the delivery of a successful outcome for the related stakeholders.

Marcel’s superpower is the ability to recognise the opportunity in a situation, create the vision, strategy, growth within the organisation, risk mitigation, and delivery, through working with C-Suite Execs through to everyday people – and from Government and Large Private Organisations through to small privately owned companies and sole traders.


Retail Lifesavers solve the biggest pain points (most expensive) for each stakeholder, such as that of the Landlord (Landlord and Retailer Partnerships – this could be a shopping center owner like a Westfield, Vicinity or the like – Marcel’s superpower). Through to that of the Retailer intimately knowing their niche and target customer (consistent cashflow and profit growth and customer retainment – this is where Michelle’s incredible retail education comes in), and all supported by the customer (now highly educated via social media, product and/or organisation reviews, blogs and the like – Again, this is where we have education of the customer by the business), and ultimately, by financial institutions who have their hot little hands in each pocket out there (Financial risk mitigation for themselves and their customers – Marcel’s superpower).


At the end of the day, Retail Lifesavers influence each sector, as each sector is reliant upon each other working seamlessly together.


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