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Saturday System

We are putting together some good folks for a Pilot Case Study and working with them to generate their usual offline Saturday Sales within 30 days with their new online store. It’s called the Saturday System Program because we create a simple outcome – ready CASH and CERTAINTY! We work with you to get you up and TRADING online to create the cashflow you were generating before all of these COVID trading restrictions and lockdowns. We work with you through the difficult and overwhelming task of setting up a successful, and measurable, online store and applying the 5 PROVEN fundamental pillars of retail to create new sales that total your traditional stores Saturday Sales, all within 30 days.

Earn $25K in 30 days

I’m putting together some good folks for a Pilot Case Study and showing them exactly how to take their existing and excess stock and generate $25,000 in NEW sales within 30 days. It’s called The Stock Inventory Blueprint because we create a simple outcome – ready CASH. I'm going to guide you to create an awesome sales offer, and create $25,000 in new sales, all within 30 days.

Retail Education | Profit Generation

The Retail Industry used to be a marketing machine; where you could deliver a sub-par product, lack clarity as a brand, and even treat your customers with poor customer service.

TODAY the market leaders are consistently investing in the health of their brand, THEY have laser sharp clarity as to their ideal customer, they design their merchandise or services to ensure they are relevant, they know the sweet-spot for the delivery of a seamless customer experience, and they are online and offline.

Retail | Business Coaching

There is always a common denominator when a business's performance starts to decline, no matter how high profile the brand, they all have the same fundamental issues at some time or another.

So we developed a formula and began to implement it going from business to business, and seeing amazing results, no matter the product offer or services.

Online Ordering & E-Commerce

Having a digital presence is more important than it has ever been. Having a clear path to sell, promote and deliver your products is critical to creating new revenue streams and increasing profitability.

We are experts in moving your business online whether it be to a traditional e-commerce all the way through to online takeaway and delivery solutions.

Marketing & Digital Strategies

Growing while communicating to your audience is more critical now than ever.

Social media allows you to speak directly to your customers and encourages your audience to provide feedback and engagement.

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